We all understand, these are actual physical cards mailed to you. All cards come with a PIN for making withdraws at ATMs.

A full personalized guide is sent with your first order on how to safely and effectively use the cards.

US Magnetic Cards

Minimum $4000 and a maximum of $5000 per card

Daily ATM withdrawal limits:

-$750 to $1000 per day per card

-There are no spending limits

European Chipped Cards

Minimum 4000 euros per card and have a maximum of 5500 euros per card

Daily ATM withdrawal limits:

-750 euros to 1000 euros per day per card

-There are no spending limits

Gold-Platinum Cards

Minimum $10,000 and maximum of $15000 per card

Daily ATM withdrawal limits:

-$1500 to $2000 per day per card

-There are no spending limits

PRICE - 0.20 BTC


PRICE - 0.10 BTC


PRICE - 0.15 BTC


SALE For The Entire Month of February!

All account balances are kept current with daily checks by the botnet,

Personal$1015.71 USD0.15 BTC
Premier$1049 USD0.18 BTC
Personal$1138.61 USD0.20 BTC
Premier$1250 USD0.21 BTC
Premier$1305.66 USD0.22 BTC
Premier$1510.48 USD0.25 BTC
Personal$1959 USD0.28 BTC
Premier$2218 USD0.33 BTC
Personal$2400 USD0.35 BTC
Premier$2639.81 USD0.37 BTC
Personal$3510 USD0.45 BTC
Premier$3572.20 USD0.45 BTC
Personal$4130.29 USD0.48 BTC
Premier$4262.50 USD0.50 BTC

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Shikamaru Nara


What our clients are saying.

John Doe

To anyone who is reading these comments, the best value here are the chipped cards! I've used both, the plain mag cards take a bit to cash out, but it's always worth it. The chipped CCs are a breeze once you get them. It's just a matter of waiting for them to come in the mail.


I'm here to say that you have the best cloned CCs, i've tried many vendors and they never seems to have the "good" quality cards like the ones you have sold me. I hope its not just my luck and it keeps happening! anyways, you've been a pleasure to deal with!

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Email - Aeonhack@protonmail.com